Coordinated Studies, Summer 2020 — World War I

In this summer course, we’ll be studying the art, poetry, essays, fiction, culture, and, of course, warfare that took place between 1914 and 1920.

Most assignments are structured around works to be examined and then discussed, which means that the most value will be mined from this curriculum if families participate together. Groups of siblings/friends might also decide to learn together as study groups. Very few written assignments will be suggested, as this course has no real mechanism for grading student works. Those creative opportunities that do pop up will be purely for enjoyment and for extending the lessons on one’s own.

The source materials will come from a range of places from around the web. When it makes sense to include an item directly in the week’s assignments (and it doesn’t violate copyright), the artwork or writing will be available right on the page. Some sources will be linked, and, I have to say, everyone from the BBC to PBS, to the National Archives have some AMAZING resources to draw from. In fact, if this topic interests you, feel free to explore on your own (and pass along any recommendations for future assignments!)

The core of this curriculum is the podcast, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, “Blueprint for Armageddon,” Parts I – VI. This is a 25-hour lecture series that is far, far, from dry and boring. While it’s not explicit, in a profane way, I recommend it for students 12 and up, simply due to the unflinching description of life in the trenches, death tolls, etc. The podcast series is available at no cost via Libsyn; however, if you enjoy and learn a lot from this amazing program, please consider buying the episodes for a mere $2.49 each here:

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